alla boldina

Alla Boldina's abstraction juxtaposes the visual with the philosophical, the subjective with the universal. Through color, texture and idea-emotion, the artist explores the human existential condition, being and becoming, fragmentation and wholeness, presence and absence. Examining the dichotomy of presence/absence and fragmentation/wholeness, Boldina ponders the volatility of meaning-making and psychological becoming as a means to destabilize the rigid paradigms of knowledge and offert the new possibilities of interpretation.
In her ever-evolving artistic experimentation and aesthetic vocabulary, Boldina analyzes the border/boundaries of perception and understanding. Her artwork is a story of transformation as she explores the oddities, banalities, peculiarities, and other "anomalies" of self. Inspired and necessitated by real life events and realizations, her art aims to invite the viewers on a journey to rethink or rediscover the meaningful facets in ourselves, our deeper feelings and thoughts about the self and the world, about memory, identity and experience.  Every painting is dialogue with the viewer about life and human existence. In her experimental use of materials, the artist prefers to work on canvas, wooden board, or plaster. Alla Boldina uses acrylic paints and mixed media (her photography, recycled materials, or found objects)  to create visual narratives, often in the form of collage, to tell stories of being, becoming, and change.