alla boldina
My abstract art aims to engage the viewers in a dialogue on either emotional, philosophical or intellectual level. Every painting that I give birth to has a story unraveling through color and texture, thought and emotion. Textured color and emotionally charged idea/thought define my evocative abstraction. Color for me manifests the kaleidoscope of human emotional and intellectual perception which in turn renders the invisible visible. Texture serves as a tactile vehicle for the visceral nature of ideas and emotions that I explore in my artwork. Form embodies an array of ideas that intrigue, torment, fascinate or puzzle me at any given moment of the creative process. Ultimately, emotion synthesizes it all in a harmonious whole. Passion for penetrating the deeper  layers of intuitive awareness and emotional intelligence is the driving force for my creativity. It is the multitude of emotional states that validate and inspire my creative journey through all the dimensions of existential being and becoming as an individual, an artist and a woman. My intention is to invite the viewers on that transcendental journey with me through my art. The stories we share as humans define our existence while redefining dynamically our sense of identity, our understanding of the world, our openness towards any forms of difference, our fundamental and universal truths such as love, struggle, hope, loneliness, courage and many more.
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